In order to keep our rates low and play moving along we have set the following rules. Please understand that we are strict about enforcing these rules.

  • Play at your own risk.
  • No walk-a-longs. (Sorry, only players are allowed on the course)
  • Each golfer must have their own golf clubs and bag. (Rental clubs are available at the pro-shop)
  • Play only one ball. (Do not hit extra balls) If your ball goes out of bounds or into a lake drop a ball where your ball went out and continue to play. Do not hit a second ball.
  • A Mulligan is allowed when teeing off on the first hole for your first round only.
  • Practicing is not allowed on the course. (Please play through with a single ball. Thank you)
  • No glass bottles allowed on the course.
  • Please, no sunflower seeds.
  • Ride-on golf carts are not allowed. Pull carts are. (We have pull carts for rent at the pro-shop)
  • We have set an age limit for young players at age 10.  HOWEVER, we want young players to enjoy the game, so if you have a younger player that: Knows how to play golf and will abide by the rules and etiquette of golf and will follow our course rules THEN PLEASE call ahead and talk to our pro-shop employee. We want to encourage young players to pick up the game of golf. Our only concerns are the safety of all, care of the course and to keep play moving along. Please note that on Tuesday mornings our Casserly Ladies Club meets at 8:30 am and Tees-Off at 9:00. They are playing until about 11:00 am. And on Thursday mornings our Casserly Senior Men’s Tourney meets at 9:00 am and tees off at 9:30 am. They are playing until about 11:30 am.
    So Tuesday and Thursday mornings would not be good times for youngsters to golf.
  • No pets allowed on the property, especially dogs. (We will not be responsible for scratches on vehicles caused by our watch-dogs jumping up to greet dogs or pets in your vehicle. Please leave your pets at home so that your car is not damaged.