Sean’s Ride

It was scary when Sean came to me many years ago and said he wanted to learn to play bass guitar. Why scary you might ask? Well, as a teen, Sean was playing bass in a band, training in and teaching martial arts and was driving a bright red hot rod. Here’s the thing, when I was his age I was playing bass guitar with Gary Thomas and the Modestics, studying and teaching martial arts and driving my bright red hot rod. What do they say about apples?

Sean wanted a 1966 Mustang coupe. He had his mind set on one. One week I found myself in Southern California teaching. At the end of the day I stopped by a store to get some snacks for the evening and picked up a local newspaper. So? You might ask. I never, I mean never pick up and read a newspaper. Why I picked that newspaper up that day I will never know. But later that night I found myself thumbing through the want ads and there it was, a red 1966 Mustang coupe for sale. The next evening I went by to take a look and it looked good. I called Sean, flew him down to Orange County airport and we went and took a look. It was what he wanted and so we bought it and drove it back to Santa Cruz.

Sean has done a lot of work on the car since then. A new 302 V-8, rebuilt tranny, new rims and tires, new interior work with racing seats and more. Added a hood and side scoops and painted it a beautiful red. He’s not done. As you may know, these projects are seldom ever finished. In 2008 he took first place in the Mustang Division at the Cops ‘N Rodders Car Show. Sean drives the car, often as a daily driver.