Sonora’s Ride

When Sonora was 13 we were at a car show and she asked me to take her picture along side a dark blue 1969 Camaro that had wide, white racing stripes. After down-loading the photo Sonora added, “Sonora’s Future Ride” to it, printed an 8”x10” photo out and put it up on her dream board.

When Sonora was 14 we were walking through the swap meet area at the GoodGuy’s car show in Pleasanton. There was a dark blue 1969 Camaro with wide racing stripes. After carefully inspecting the car Sonora announced that, “This is the car that I want!” “Someday,” I said, and walked along. But Sonora insisted that this was the car that she wanted. Anyway, long story short, as she talked to the owner of the car I talked to the owner’s brother. I found that the owner was in a tough spot and HAD to sell the car.

With my new found knowledge I went over to talk to the owner. I started by telling him about the “White Socks Theory.” In case you don’t know this theory let me share it with you. Whenever you are going to buy something, especially if it is something you really want, never get more emotional about buying it than you would if you were buying a pair of white gym socks. This goes for selling something as well. When pricing it or considering an offer never get more excited or emotionally attached to it than if you were selling those white gym socks. This theory will go a long ways towards keeping you from doing something foolish!

With that I wrote a low-ball offer on the back of my business card and gave it to the guy. Well, he was insulted by my offer, but I convinced him to keep the card and call me if he ever had to sell. A few weeks later the guy called. It took a while for him to understand that our offer was firm. Sonora threw in her money and we helped her buy the car of her dreams. The car is a 1969 Camaro SS with a 350 c.i. engine. Sonora shows the car often and has received many awards for it. She also drives the car often.