The Latest Project

One day my daughter, Sonora, asked if I would do a hot rod project with her and her boyfriend, Trevor. They suggested that we build a Rat Rod. I really wanted to do a project with my 17-year daughter but had no interest in building a rat rod. I remembered that back in the ‘60’s when I was living on our ranch I built a Model A 5-window coupe. It had an Olds engine with 3-2’s. With that old car in mind I suggested that maybe we should do a period correct Model A coupe. The kids agreed and the project has begun.

The top has been chopped two inches and it is channeled just over the frame. TCI has built us a custom Model A chassis. The chassis has been stretched four inches. It has a nostalgic quick-change rear end, dropped I-beam front axle, split hairpins and the old Buick finned aluminum brake drums. The front end and hairpins have been chromed. The chassis will be powder coated black.

It will be powered by a freshly rebuilt early ‘60’s 327 Corvette engine. It has 3 Vintage Speed show chromed Stromberg 97’s with progressive linkage. These sit on a polished intake manifold. It has old style polished finned aluminum valve covers, TruRam polished stainless exhaust manifolds and a Hunt magneto. The transmission is a custom built Turbo 350 by Phoenix. It has a nostalgic quick-change rear end by Winters.

It will run a shortened ’32 Ford radiator shell and grille and a straight ’32 Ford firewall. We will run period correct wheels and tires. The color will probably be a nostalgic dark green.

Sonora and Trevor have been involved in the entire build including rebuilding the engine. Dave Lawrence has been our “Guiding Light” during the build and Grant Peuse has guided us through the engine rebuild. Emilio Belmonte will be helping us during the bodywork and will paint the car. We didn’t start off to build a show car, but the way it is progressing it looks like it will turn out to be one. We hope to have it finished in time for the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show. But in the end, this car is going to be a driver.